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The Circle of Elders was founded on June 2nd, 2006 by a 10 person group of RLF's, primarily USAF members, while stationed in Germany.  Since that time, we've lost 6 of our original 10, but still maintain a strong core membership of players who've been with the guild for several years.  Also, we've been known to meet in real life, such as the Blizzcon Trip of 2009, when 11 of our members attended.  (Visit our Facebook page to see photos).  Events like these continue to draw us together as friends, and cement our relationship as a guild, and as a result, we've formed friendships that will likely transcend the boundaries of the game indefinitely.

"The Guild" with Our Guild

The Circle of Elders is a casual raiding guild with strong 10 man progression goals.  Because of this, The Circle of Elders maintains a relatively small, but managable and intimate size.  We find that by focusing on 10 man content, we need not dilute our ranks with immature players just to fill manning requirements for 25 man raids.  Our 10 man endeavors have been successful, and our somewhat frequent forays into 25 man content are rewarding, but only occur when attendance is high.

Our player base is very diverse, and are represented by a mix of progression raiders, casual raiders or toon levelers, and even some PvP oriented players.  Likely, there is always someone online with your interests in mind, and grouping never seems to be much of a problem.  Although self-sufficiency is paramount in COE, we foster a network of assistance from which most can benefit.

We pride ourselves by maintaining a guild with high moral standards and mature membership requirements.  We ask all of our members to assist with maintaining these standards, and we deal quick and harsh treatment to those that consistently or intentionally disturb the peaceful nature of our gaming experience.  We ask that all applicants keep this in mind, or their new membership may be over quickly and second chances for unproven members are rarely granted.

With all of that in mind, if you would like to become a part of The Circle of Elders, please first familiarize yourself with our rules, then apply.  Thank you for visiting The Circle of Elders website!

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